L.E.A.D.’s Vision For The Future

“Every L.E.A.D. graduate will play a key role in reshaping the future of baseball by consistently demonstrating character, integrity, stellar skill sets, engaged service to the community and undeniable leadership.”

Let’s face it: school can be very challenging. And even though you know it’s something that you need in order to have a bright future with lots of options, you’re just not motivated to put in the effort it takes to succeed. Besides, you’re probably thinking your family doesn’t have enough money to send you to college so what’s the use anyway. L.E.A.D. provides the motivation and scholarship opportunity you need in order to make college a reality.

Have questions? Let’s answer a few here:

  • Q: I've played baseball before but not a lot. Am I good enough to be considered for L.E.A.D.?

    A: That’s the beauty of L.E.A.D. We’re not here to pick the best players; we’re here to develop players into being their best. So if you’ve played baseball before or not, as long as you have an interest and will be committed to our programming, we can help you become the best player you can be.

  • Q: Baseball is very expensive; how much does it cost to be a part of L.E.A.D.?

    A: Baseball is indeed very expensive. C.J. Stewart’s (L.E.A.D.’s founder/CEO) family wasn’t able to provide him the competitive opportunity he needed to compete for college baseball scholarships. Because he understands, he structured L.E.A.D. to provide an opportunity to those who are willing to earn it. You and your family pay for L.E.A.D. by:
    • Earning good grades (C average or better)
    • Going to school; you can’t learn if you’re not there
    • Committing to the professional training and expectations of L.E.A.D.’s programs
    • Showing good behavior; L.E.A.D. expects you to be Ambassadors for the organization, your community and the game of baseball
    • Completing monthly community service projects; the only way to become an effective leader is to learn how to serve others

  • Q: I play baseball at my high school. Will I still be able to do that if I’m selected for L.E.A.D.?

    A: L.E.A.D. is an official Partner For Education with the Atlanta Public School System. One of our goals is to be a resource to the Athletics Department so we can make baseball matter again in APS. If you’re selected to be a member of L.E.A.D.’s High School Ambassador Program, you will still be able to play with your high school team. In fact, L.E.A.D. coaches will come out from time to time to support you to make sure that you are being an Ambassador on your school squad as well.

  • Q: What makes L.E.A.D. unique?

    A: L.E.A.D. provides the professional training and development you need in order to be prepared to compete for college baseball scholarships. L.E.A.D.’s founder/CEO C.J. Stewart, has been training amateur and professional baseball clients for over 12 years through his for profit business, Diamond Directors. His clientele includes Jason Heyward (Atlanta Braves), Dexter Fowler (Colorado Rockies) and Kyle Parker (Clemson & Colorado Rockies). He knows what it takes to help you play baseball at the college level and so do the L.E.A.D. certified coaches that he trains. Also, as long as you continue to do your part and earn your position in L.E.A.D., we will stay with you not only through graduation but also through college.

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